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Stories that you confided to us

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Kateryna Sytnyk

"Children are afraid of loud sounds"

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Our five-year-old son has fulfilled his dream to have a Christmas Tree. Kyrylo made a wish to decorate the Christmas Tree with with the whole family gathered and make us smile more often. We have a difficult financial situation, but we have arranged a small holiday for the children. No fireworks, though. The children are afraid of loud sounds.

Now the children take the attacks for fireworks. If they hear these sounds somewhere, I say, "They're throwing fireworks." I say that so as not to frighten the children. I can't explain it any other way.

At the beginning of the war, my husband lost his job as a horsekeeper, and now he has casual earnings. We currently live on costs saving. We were quite lucky though. After all, we could also lose our home.

Most people of Mariinka want to go home, but they can't. Many houses were completely destroyed. They can't even be rebuilt. They can only be demolished – and new ones can be built instead…

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