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Stories that you confided to us

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Tatyana Chubuk

"Children play with shell cartridges"

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We are a large family, we have five children, and we are living right on the front line. More than once we patched the roof and replaced the windows in the house.

Children are afraid to walk in the evening; they straightway go into the house as it gets dark. The safest place with us is the sandbox, which is near the wall. This can protect children from stray bullets, but not from shells. The eldest son Yaroslav finds many large shell cartridges behind the fence. Children play with them.

Everything is prepared in the house in case of urgent evacuation - complete sets of children's clothes are assembled. Since we had to run from danger more than once.

Though, we did not succeed with the resettlement life. We were offered a dormitory room five by five meters. And there are seven of us. We survive thanks to humanitarian aid from the Headquarters of Rinat Akhmetov. It is the very aid that helped our children to grow.

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