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Stories that you confided to us

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Olena Zaitseva

"Sometimes my son and I would sit in the basement for days"

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I live in the village of Stepne, Marinka District, Donetsk Oblast. In 2004, I graduated from the Stepne Secondary School and entered the Donetsk University of Economics and Trade,  faculty of Company Economics. The studentship was very educational and fun. Years passed very quickly. In 2009, I was awarded a specialist's degree. Unfortunately, I did not work in my degree field, since I did not have any correspondent experience.

At first, I worked as a seller of wigs and hairpieces for women. I wanted, of course, to work in my degree fielld. Having worked for six months, I found another job, in a mobile phone shop.

First,  I worked as a shop-assistant. The retail outlet was located at the railway station. I really liked my job, because I like communicating with new people. A year later I was promoted to the position of Manager for my professional competence and delivering good services. I am very pleased that I was entrusted with the management of the point of sale and had a chance to move forward in a professional capacity.

In November 2012, my son Roman was born.

We didn't separate on good terms with Roman's father. He does not participate in the life of his son in any way. Now we were on our own. We lived well, although we had to deal with common difficulties. If it wasn't for my parents, I don't know how we would have lived. I really appreciate their support!

2014. The war broke out. No one could have thought that such a disaster would come to our cities and homes.

We live on the line of contact, in the village of Stepne, Marinka District. Due to frequent attacks, we had to go down to the basement. It happened that we stayed there for days.

Roman was very afraid. He cried quite often. He often fell sick with angina, bronchitis. He requires constant medical examination and treatment. She has stomach and pancreas problems. And he became afraid of being left alone in the house.

I couldn't return to work in Donetsk. Our retail outlets suffered from the attacks and were closed. I had some offers to transfer, but it was difficult for me to go anywhere alone with a child, with no money or support from the family.

Now I work as a Secretary in our native Stepne School. It is very difficult to live in such an environment. Not knowing what will happen is very terrifying. Food, clothing, toys and medicines are very expensive. Thus, I cannot afford to buy whatever I want.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation supports us a lot by delivering their food packages. This is a great help for our little family. We are very grateful to Rinat Leonidovich Akhmetov for his good deeds.

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