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Stories that you confided to us

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Victoria Bosenko

"The child was normal, but suddenly he became disabled"

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My son Andrei, with six friends, went looking for cartridges to an abandoned factory. Where they were going and why - they did not tell their parents. They found a cluster bomb, thought it was safe, and began to hit the ground with he shell. Then the explosion thundered.

Two boys died on the spot. Andrei was wounded in his head; his arms and legs were hit with fragments. It was a miracle that he did not die.

My son spent three months in intensive care unit. The doctors decided not to get a fragment out of his head, too risky. They performed several surgeries. He is having difficulty speaking now and is learning to walk again. Obviously, I can’t believe it; he was an ordinary, normal child, but suddenly became disabled.

Three years have passed since the day of this tragedy, Andrei is recovering a little, he is undergoing rehabilitation.

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