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Stories that you confided to us

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Viktoriia Komarnytska

"Brother was wounded by shell fragments"

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I still remember this day, 15 July 2015 with tears. A terrible attack happened that day. There was such a roaring sound that my child wet himself out of fear. We could feel how our house shook. I was afraid for my children. I have three children: the youngest son is 1.5 years old, the eldest is 10, and my daughter is 13.

Shells exploded at the other end of the village, especially near the house of my brother, Serhii.

He and his daughter-in-law were just outside. He was hit by shrapnel, and he still managed to ask his daughter-in-law, "Liuba, how are you?" She was piled up with bricks from the house. She said she was fine, and he said, " I think I'm done." Liuba pulled him away and looked at him – he had multiple fragment wounds.

I raise children myself. They considered my brother Serhii as their father. After he died, we were left alone.

It was so dangerous everywhere. We have lots of shell fragments in our gardens. Last year, two tractor drivers were blown up in a field.

The school closed down. Children go to school to the neighboring village. I'm terrified for my children. Every time we send them to school in the morning, I wonder, "Will they come home in the evening or not?"

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