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Stories that you confided to us

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Anastasiia Serkutan

"Fighting is going on 500 meters away from us"

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Five years ago, my husband Ivan Savvich developed diabetes and had to take insulin injections three times a day. At fist, we got it for free, but when the war started, we had to buy it. One injection costs 130 UAH.  When the money ran out, he ended up in the hospital. His legs started to go numb, and he started to go blind. His leg was cut off.

Our village of Chermalyk is located practically on the front line. The fighting is going on 500 meters away from us, and shells can fly here. I was unconscious for two hours when the shell fell next to me.

We were very tired of constant shelling. It's not just scary, it's terrifying. One day, when we were asleep, a shell fell in the middle of the night.

My husband and I were born here and raised our children. They all went away, away from the war. Mostly retired people stayed in the village. No one at our age leaves this place.

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