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Stories that you confided to us

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Iryna Chorna

Artifact "Swimsuit as a memory of hope for a Peaceful life"

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This is a women’s swimsuit its owner, Donetsk resident Iryna Chorna, threw into her small handbag when she left Donetsk in 2014, fleeing from shelling. At that time, she thought: ‘I will rest by the seaside for a couple of days. I don’t need to have many things with me there. And then it’ll all be over.’ That "then" did not come.

The woman had to build a new life from scratch. Irina and her daughter moved to Zaporozhye. And she handed over the swimsuit to the Museum of Civilian Voice as a memory of a bright hope of hundreds of thousands of fellow townsmen.

#Donetsk #2014 #women #moving #shelling #internally displaced persons
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