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Stories that you confided to us

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Vitaliy Linkevych

"I live for my daughter, and I calm her down when they start shooting"

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My daughter Karyna is five years old. I'm her only parent. Her mother died three years ago. I'm retired now, but I live for my daughter. We try to hold out on the line of demarcation.

I can't imagine my life without my daughter. She is afraid to stay on her own, especially when she hears explosions. She would shout, "Dad, they're shooting!" And run to me. I hug her and then my daughter can calm down.

I used to work in a mine, but it shut down, and we were left without bread and butter. Our village which is located near the mine began to fade away. Winter is a terrible time. We have no central heating. So you are provided all just to yourself. I stoke the furnace with wood because I can't afford coal.

I also have to do insulin injections (I have diabetes) three times a day and undergo hospital treatment three times a year. However, boilers in hospitals in Zolote and Hirske are no longer functional. Patients get cold, they lie under the blankets wearing outwear. The situation in residential buildings is the same.

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