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Stories that you confided to us

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Arseniy Redka

"I am waiting for the end of the war to return to my hometown"

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In 2014, due to the fighting, I left Donetsk. Now I live in the town of Artemovsk. I would like to go back to my city, to my apartment, to my friends, to visit my grandmother.

In Donetsk, I still have a lot of my hobbies. I will miss walking along the embankment in the evenings, spending time with my family.

When there was no war, my parents and I went to the sea every year. We got there in an hour and a half. And now, to go to the sea, we need to spend 10-15 hours on the train.

Peace for me is a free ride to Donetsk to my family, a quiet walk in the evening in Donetsk, going back to my school, going  for a walk with friends, going  back to my apartment, where I lived all my childhood, from one year to ten years, going to the sea every summer, to the dacha, and generally anywhere.

In general, I can't wait for the war to end, for peace to come, and for me to return to my city.

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