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Stories that you confided to us

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Volodymyr Shulhin

"Tomorrow may not come"

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War is:

* people wearing military uniforms, whose laws you must abide;

• curfew with restrictions on your freedom;

• a danger to life at any time - to you, your relatives, neighbours and your friends;

• shortage in mobile communications, water supply, gas and electricity supply;

• shortage in essential food and medicine supplies;

* sounds of exploding shells;

* sounds of shots from different weapons that psyche out and intimidate;

* reports of casualties and destruction.

The first encounter with the war was when the occupation of administrative buildings by armed men began.

Tomorrow may not come

The most difficult test was when the chaotic shelling of the city began with casualties and destruction.

I was an eyewitness, when you could actually hear the shells flying, whistle and even blow up over the roof of the house.

Tomorrow may not come

I would like to forget how really close the shells fall and the earth shakes. You start to realise that there may be destructions and even victims due to the attacks. Staying in the basement between bombings.

Tomorrow may not come

I lost my job because of the war. I left my home and moved to another city.

Since moving to a new place of residence, to the territory controlled by Ukraine, I have a job, a stable salary, free movement and security. I am married, I have a18-year-old son.

Tomorrow may not come

People who live permanently in a war zone think: I would rather all this was over and it doesn't matter what the government will be, as long as they don't shoot.

The worst things at war are victims, destruction, and starvation. Disinformation and information propaganda.

Happiness is a peaceful sky with no war.

Tomorrow may not come

Life is previous, and we have to cherish every moment of it. Everything that can be done must be done today, tomorrow may not come!

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