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Stories that you confided to us

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Mykola Stetsenko

"My wife and I take care of each other. That is how we seek survival from this war"

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I haven't been to my son's grave since the war started. All those continuous attacks make is dangerous to come to the cemetery. Our heart broke every day because of this.

 We miss our son, he has not been with us for 27 years, but the pain of loss has not subsided. He was eight years old when he was killed beneath the wheels of the drunk driver tractor on his way to school. He didn't have time to live in the new house that my wife and I were building brick by brick.

In 2015, the house came under fire. The blast blew out windows and doors, and splintered the walls. Now we have to live in a summer kitchen, we cannot restore the house. We lost motivation and feel utterly discouraged.

After the youngest son died, my wife started having back pain. She can barely walk. She can only cook dinner on her own. We take care of each other, and we escape from the war.

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