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Zykova Viktoria Zykov Oleksandr

"Why do children suffer?"

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- There was a flood, a mini-tsunami. The dam must have been blown up. And water flew down! It flooded everything here, washed away everything that was on the way. People's wells were flooded. And then, maybe half an hour later,"Grads" were falling in the fields where there was grass. Some kind of incendiary mixture or something, that it would explode and immediately catch fire.

My eight-month-old baby was sitting in the basement. I changed his diapers, I was washing him. Is this conceivable? I just don't have the strength.

The water went further to the people in the gardens. Flooding of the garden is not so horrible,  as long as the house is not flooded, the basement. Because we were staying in the basement. Children were staying in the basement. If there was water, may be it wouldn't kill us, but it  would flood us up.

I'm just scared for the kids. What does this have to do with children? Okay, we adults have done something wrong, but what does it have to do with children? Why do children suffer? For what? They just started their lives, as they say, and this is what they ... experience. Not only our children, but the kids from that side, and from this side.

When the water was flooding us and the "Grads" fell, the middle child was very scared. He was crying, and he was afraid. And the baby did not understand, he fell asleep, then he was woken up, brought to the cellar – he did not understand what happened.


- There were attacks. The blinds were shaking. My wife and I decided not to let the children go to school, because God only knows when it will land and where it will land. And what parent would take responsibility for putting a child's life in danger? It is very difficult to find work. If we did not have aid, it would have been even more difficult.

Why do children suffer?

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