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"Yesterday more shells were fired at Kyiv"

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Yuliya Tveritina – Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, master of linear painting, graphic artist, and illustrator. Julia is from Kyiv. For many years she has been living and working in Suzhou (China). From the first days of the war the artist began to keep an art diary of the war.

Yesterday more shells were fired at Kyiv

plus one page to the war diary.

yesterday, more shells were fired at Kyiv, there are hits on residential buildings, there are dead, a seven-year-old girl was hospitalized, and there is a giant hole in the kindergarten courtyard . My fears returned after what appeared to be a short period of calm, and insomnia returned too, and the constant news channel checking and the feeling of impending evil.

June 26th, Kyiv. My friend Tasya woke up from the blast that made all the windowpanes in the house buzz - not the best awakening if you are the mother of three small children. At first she thought that the shell got into her house , it was so strong sound . The subsequent ( third) explosion found her already on the stairs. It turned out that the shell (or its fragments) destroyed the neighboring building .

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