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Stories that you confided to us

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Serhii Batlov

“I'm just tired of war, killings and violence”

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My planet looks very beautiful. I want my planet to be the most beautiful and the greatest - with no war, killings or quarrels.

Natural surroundings on my planet have to be abundant. I am a simple person, I do not need a lot of money and beautiful fast cars.

People should remain humane and support each other.

Many boys want to meet beautiful girls. I believe it is the most essential thing. I believe that there are no ugly people.

Animals are lovely as well.    I really like dogs, cats, hamsters and fish. They must definitely be on my planet.

It is covered with earth, because I want to plant woods, fields,  gardens there. Every city in every country should have watering sites on every street.

Every city should not be staffed with gas stations and cars. Electric cars are the great option. I do think that everyone should have one.  

P.S. I am just tired of war, killings, violence, and I want my planet to be exactly as I indicated in my story.

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