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Stories that you confided to us

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Mykola Hapiev

"I was on the brink of life and death"

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I had two ways: grave or get treatment here at the Shalimov Institute of surgery and Transplantation of Kyiv.

 I have a complicated diagnosis - kidney failure. The disease is severe - kidneys stop working, blood is not purified and consequently the entire body is intoxicated. The disease progressed rapidly and a three-times-weekly hemodialysis procedure was the only salvation. For life!

When armed hostilities unfolded in Donbass, I literally found myself on the brink of life and death. Due to constant attacks in the hospital of Horlivka, electricity was constantly cut off. Furthermore, the medical facility did not have enough supplies for the procedure. I couldn't buy them myself. I live alone, my wife has died, and I haven't received a pension in months.

I told my son that the situation was dead in the water. But he answered, "Wait, father, there is one more option left." Together with his boss, Director of the Komsomolskaya Mine, he found the hotline number of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. They called and told them about the situation. Then he sent the necessary confirming documents. And, you know what, assistance was secured without delay.

I will stay in the capital for another month or so. All this time I have been keeping an eye on Horlivka. The situation there is still disastrous. I constantly contact the Horlivka Hospital – they tell me that they don't have either dialysers or staff to perform the procedure. It cannot be resumed.

 Besides, I don't actually have a house to pass this winter. Part of the building was destroyed due to the shelling, the roof was torn off, windows and doors were broken. I don't know where to find money to renovate it.

 I plan to visit my children once I am discharged from Shalimov Institute, reissue the pension at a new place of residence. If I'm lucky, I'll start restoring the house on my own efforts in the spring.

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