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Stories that you confided to us

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Natalya Potapova

"I can’t think of anything if they come to me and say: " Get ready and leave"

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We have a large family of seven people. We moved to Kurakhovo last year. We found a spacious house, though damaged by shrapnel. In time of shelling, one hit the door of the house, the crack formed on the wall, comminh from the top to the bottom.

 Our family is me, three children, a father-in-law with a mother-in-law and a single woman. We met Ella Ivanova before the war and began to look after her. She is a disabled person of the second group since childhood, suffered from meningitis; she has many deviations, her diagnosis is very complicated. We also have pets, they travel with us, although the last move for them was a big shock.

We come from Donetsk. In 2014, our house was constantly bombarded.

First, we moved to the Zaporizhzhya region, where we lived in an abandoned kindergarten in one village. There were no conditions, we moved into an empty room. For our money we replaced the water supply, plumbing, boiler. And with the first payments, we realized that we cannot afford life in the kindergarten. The bill was 2500 gr. a month, and I paid a thousand and a half a month only for electricity.

 Then we decided to move to Kurakhovo, where we arranged to live in a private house.  We received benefits on payment of utility bills, and we replaced windows. We were thinking to restore the fence, but after a year the owners demanded us to free the housing.

 For me, the most sensitive issue is accommodation. I can’t think of anything if they come to me and say: "Get ready, and leave." But where to go? We are sorely lacking money; we live on social benefits. Throughout the war years, old people and children are tired of wandering.

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