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Stories that you confided to us

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Yevhenii and Lydiia Padalko

"I thought I would die there. I thought I would stay here"

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Wife Lidiia:

Shooting attacks happened every night. One day without shooting was a blessing. Then they started shooting even at daytime. But during the day it is not so aggressive. The nights wer even worse.

I thought I would die there. I thought I would stay here

The most terrible and hopeless thing was when a terrible shelling attack was on, and I couldn't drag him out of the house. I wouldn't know how to get him out of the house if a shell hit here.

A shell hit the house next door, and our house cracked on the far side. All the windows shattered. We really didn't know what to do. I grabbed him. I didn't know where to run. I didn't even understand what happened. I thought it was a shell. The explosion was terrible. It is terrible to experience all this with a disabled person you are responsible for.

I thought I would die there. There was no one to save me. I thought I would stay here. Saving... There was no point.

Husband Yevhenii:

I thought I would die there. I thought I would stay here

In 2004, my legs started to hurt, and it became difficult to walk. I can't walk for long. It only gets worse. None of the doctors suggested that I needed IVs. Furthermore, I got other problems.

Then, in Donetsk, I had a surgery. I felt quite well, but them, a month later, the leg had to be cut off. Blood circulation was bad. I had a surgery. They did something. Who knows? Well, they screwed up so much that they had to cut it off within a month period.


Every two years, I need to prove that I have no legs. Why is all this necessary? All the documents are kept in the Security Council. Why prove it every two years? He was left disabled at the age of 54. How does he have to move? We were told that we would never get a disabled car. So many people want them. He is completely chained to the house, to bed. He can't go anywhere further than his yard.


You feel like an unnecessary person, like no one needs you. Who needs me? My wife can take care of me while is alive. And so… No one needs old sick people in our country. So we will live as God wills. We will try to survive.

I thought I would die there. I thought I would stay here
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