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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentyna Kuznetsova

"I was lying there, thinking, "I wish the rocket hit – and it's all would be over"

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I can't see, and I can hardly walk. A few years ago they diagnosed a cataract. The surgery was expensive. I am retired, so I could not afford it. Over the years, the disease progressed and led to absolute blindness. How did I manage to survive this winter in wartime? I starved and froze. I felt more alone and helpless than ever.

I can't find anything in the house – I simply cannot see anything. I decided to throw everything out of the house so that I could find a way out by touching the walls. I can't walk, I can put the house in order only sitting on all fours.

My house is old. It can collapse at any moment. All communications have been destroyed. You can only enter the house through the window, because the door is littered with boards and things. I have no gas, no water, no electricity, no heating. Clothing saved me from the cold, but nothing could satisfy hunger.

I was saved by my neighbour. I was at deaths door, and if it hadn't helped me, I would have died…

 She called for someone to bring me something, because I was already dying. I was just lying in my bed, thinking, "I wish some kind of a shell would hit my house and this would be over."

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