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Stories that you confided to us

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Yelyzaveta Afanasieva

"I was screaming," Mom, help me!"

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Donetsk is very beautiful. There I liked to walk  in Shcherbakov Park.

And in Urzuf, in Shchurovo. We often went to the sea. I went to kindergarten there [in Donetsk], then I started going to school – and immediately the war started.

My grandmother and I went to the market, bought food, we were going  back and saw: a plane was flying. Well, we thought it was a regular plane. Then we heard something shooting.

We came home and my mom came home from work. And she said: "They are shooting there. The war must have started."

I was small and didn't understand anything yet. I immediately went under the table and said, " This is my safety."

When they started to shoot a lot, we spent two weeks sitting in the basement.

Then we went home. We were at home and I went to the bathroom. They started again. Three shells hit the house. And I was pinned down by the bathroom. The doors jammed and the lights went out. I shouted, " Mom, mom! Help me get out of here!» Mom barely opened the door. We ran barefoot to the basement.

War is when the military people gather and fight among themselves. Residents suffer. Because sometimes shells hit houses and people. And people die. The war made me feel worse.

I want us to live peacefully, well I wish there was never  war. And we had a strong family and we always lived together and kept together. So that small children, when they grow up, they love our Ukraine, and it was famous all over the world.

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