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Stories that you confided to us

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Karyna Konvisar

“I sincerely believe that peace will come”

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My home city of Donetsk is a big city the inhabitants of which would never have thought that a crisis would come in the country and hostilities would begin. Thus, in 2014, something happened that no one could have expected. It was war!

I lived on the outskirts of the city, in the most calm and quiet distinct, so the shots were almost inaudible to us.

But my family and I still felt  like fish out of water. We believed, hoped that all this would soon pass and things would go back to normal. Therefore, we did not think about moving.

If the war ends, then we are unlikely to return. However, I do believe that peace will come soon. I wish that my old friends, my relatives would not live in fear, would not be afraid of what the future holds.

Another reason why we did not think to look for a new home was the birth of my younger sister. Checkpoints were being built at that time, and we had no idea how we would go somewhere with a small child.

Later, two years from that time, my dad was offered a job in Kyiv. He decided to give it a go and first went on his own. Three months later, we all came.

At first I did not feel strongly about all this, because it was scary: how my life will turn out in a new city. Now I am glad for this, I made new friends.

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