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Stories that you confided to us

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Katya Zhavoronkova

"I want to get into a peaceful life as soon as possible"

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My house is located next to the military school, and at first it was very clearly head how the shells were coming and starting. At first, everyone was scared, but then they got used to it. Thank God, it didn't last long, and soon the exercises were over.

About 2014-2015, a shell landed near our house. This was at 4-5 o'clock in the morning. I remember my dad picking me up and carrying me out into the hallway with the blanket. It seems to me that it was winter, but I'm not sure.

After that, we set up an air-raid shelter, which was located next to my house. I remember the huge slugs that we found there.

At the time, I was thinking about how we would live without light; where we would go if we ran out of food; and what to do if the phone ran out.

I want to get to a peaceful life where I don't have to tell my six – year-old sister that the sound of shelling is thunder, even though there isn't a cloud in the sky. Where I can see my brother not only two weeks a year, but every day. I want to become a flight attendant, but because there is no airport in our city, there is no university.

I believe that peace is very important for children. After all, we want to travel and see our friends and family every day. It is also important for children to love their work, and choose a profession regardless of which university is located in my city.

I can tell you in confidence that when I am told to make a wish, I always make a wish: "Peace in the whole world".

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