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Stories that you confided to us

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Oleksandra Tadyka

"Surviving against the odds"

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We barely survived that night. The house was hit by a shock wave, all the windows were thrown, and 18 shells landed around the house. This sudden attack began on 30 January last year. We hid wherever we could. We did not know where to go.

When all was quiet, I was found unconscious. I don't remember what happened.  I could not walk after this accident. I have been crying for two weeks.

Our Staroihnativka is located in the so-called grey area. The line of demarcation is only two kilometers away. Last week, we were again shelled by artillery. And we have nowhere to run. I and I can't, my legs don't work. I'll lie down and lie down, and if they hit me, they'll hit me.

До войны в нашем селе жили почти 3000 человек, а сейчас остались одни старики, в основном немощные.

Before the war, almost 3,000 people lived in our village, but now there are only old people, mostly infirm. Young people who did not leave their relatives were out of business. There is no work, everything was closed everywhere, because people are afraid.

We survive in spite of the circumstances, thanks to a subsidiary farm and humanitarian aid.

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