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Stories that you confided to us

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Larysa Kazakova

"We have no one to return to and nowhere to go"

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I went into an early labour a month ago. Roma was born at the 27th week of pregnancy. He is a month old and weighs just over a kilogram. He needs special care, but we have no money to provide it. Now son is in a perinatal center in Poltava.

We left Yenakiieve in February 2015, when our house was destroyed during shooting. We have nothing left there. There is no one to go back to.

Two years ago, my father disappeared in the first months of war. He went fishing and never came back. They found his bike and jacket. There were no documents in the jacket, as well as no phone. They couldn't find it, because Yenakiieve was not under control.

Now we have a family of seven members. We're renting a house in the villageof Kliusivka of Poltava Oblast. We live on social benefits, and we only have enough money for food. There was a time when there was only a little bit left, just a little bit, a drop…

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