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Stories that you confided to us

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Victoria Pantiukhova

"We returned to the housing destroyed by shelling"

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I call my son, but three-year-old Eric doesn't hear me. He was diagnosed with sensorineural bilateral deafness of the fourth degree. This was only our first test. Then Eric's father left the family. Soon, due to the war, I had to leave my native Donetsk.

We lived in Krasnoarmeysk for six months. They returned to the housing in Donetsk, which was half-destroyed by shelling, when there was nothing left to pay for rent.

There are only ten apartments in the house. No one wants to go back, and some residents from the first floors have nowhere to go. We have some, but the walls are still there, and the windows and doors are a lucrative business

I don't dream about major repairs now, the main thing for me is my son's health. As a single mother, I can't buy a good hearing aid.

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