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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Isaeva

"There is still a stuck bullet in the window of our house"

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We are living in the most dangerous area of ​​Donetsk - Petrovsky. The houses were destroyed, and the ambulances could not reach us. We collect a "crop" of shells and shell fragments every day. One flew a meter away from me and fell into the garden. We also collected what flew into our windows.

We know what war is, not by hearsay. From the shelling, one room was blown out, it is now uninhabited. There is still a stuck bullet in our window.

Most of all I worry about the children, especially when the kids return from school - and the shelling start. Though the children already know how to behave when they get under shelling.

Vova is our nine-year-old son resumed epileptic seizures due to shelling. 

For three and a half years he was in a stable remission, but the child's psyche could not withstand the stress. The last attack was very heavy, especially since it happened whilehewas sleeping. The ambulance never arrived, the sick child was carried out of the house at night in our arms. His godfather took him to the hospital. While they were taking him, Vova was already completely unconscious. Then he was rescued, but now not a day goes by without him taking medication. Doctors say that if drugs are provided regularly and daily, the child will outgrow this disease.

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