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Stories that you confided to us

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Dariia Loboda

"A shell demolished the playground in our yard, causing the explosion"

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What is peace? Recently, we have been thinking about peace more and more often. What does peace mean to us? Peace is when to can have a clear sky above your head; have friends and family around; see happy smiles of your children and their parents. For me personally, peace is to see my friends and parents around, go through thick and thin.

When the hostilities broke out, my grandmother and I were on the train. We were leaving town. My mother called us and said that the shelling of the city center had begun. We were afraid for our relatives who stayed in the city.

A shell fell in our yard, demolishing the playground. A blast wave broke the windows. The house of my mother's friend was damaged even more. The balcony was destroyed completely, and the other half the house was ruptured.

My friend went away, and we had not seen each other for five years. I miss her deeply. She's gone and won't be coming home again. If there was no war, my family and friends would stay here. I hope that peace will come and we will all be happy, and as our friends and family.

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