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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Korostyleva

" A shell flew into our house, but we miraculously survived"

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My nine-year-old daughter Nastya does not attend the school, due to illness she studies at home. Terrible attacks can begin right during the lessons. At first, she may lose consciousness, then the convulsions begin.

Nastya has been suffering from epilepsy for six years, and she needs to take medications every day. It is impossible to live without these drugs, they remove cramps.

We cannot buy medications on our own, because of the war we lost everything. A shell flew into our house, but we miraculously survived. Not long before that, Nastya was taken to her relatives. And her grandfather was five meters from the epicenter of the explosion, in a summer shower. The blast wave threw him out of there.

Grandmother Nina Petrovna lived in this house for half a century. On that fateful day, she was preparing food for her sick sister who lived nearby. Later, as we were on the street, we moved in with her. To survive, we started a minifarm, Nastya is happy to help.

But without medication, Nastya's daily attacks returned. The school program was difficult to her, she had huge memory problems.

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