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Stories that you confided to us

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Zinaida Lestnikova

"I pray God about one thing: to have enough strength to raise my grandchildren"

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My son died of a stroke in November 2014. His children - Yaroslav and Dasha - stayed with me. Of course, they take loss of their father very hard. And their mother left them a year before his death. I don't know what happened, but she started drinking. Although she was always in plain view …

When the war began, it was very difficult for me. I lost my son. When the war began, I had to take custody of my grandchildren. Then my health deteriorated, because I experienced so much stress and bombardment.… We had to hide quite often. We lived without pensions, salaries and child payments for almost a year, while active armed hostilities unfolded around us.

I worked on the railway for almost 40 years, and I fit up a house in Andriivka by myself. There is still much to repair and restore.

 Yaroslav said that he would help me, because he had decided on his future profession long ago - he wants to become an architect. Every day in my prayers I ask only one thing: to have strength and health to raise my grandchildren.

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