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Stories that you confided to us

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Vira Huliaieva

"Fragments can hit the house at any time"

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Our apartment is very damp. The first spring weather was a real test for us. The dilapidated roof did not pass the rain test. It leaks so we have to place wash-basins everywhere.

My husband has always been a mainstay in our family, but he has not left his bed for two years now. He is paralysed after a stroke. And he can't make up his mind to to his helplessness. He exercises every day to recover feet. Every movement is a test for him. He believes that he will get back on his feet one day, fix the house and repair the roof.

Our 13-year-old adopted daughter Vira lives with us in the same room. When she was eight months old, she was brought to babysit for two weeks… So we've been babysitting for 13 years.

We live smoothly even though very tightly. We covered our windows with blankets. I fear for my husband. I fear that he might get hurt. We often hear cannonade in the village. Fragments can hit the house any time.

Water can be cut off for several days, so I take a can and go to the nearest well. But there are times when there is no water there, too.

Our village Zoria is located in Volodarka District. There is no work here. Only pensioners are left.

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