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Stories that you confided to us

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Galina Grigorash

"In August 2014, seven people died in the courtyard at the same time"

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A shell exploded right in our yard. Half of the house was demolished; the hole was deep. We have dilapidated buildings everywhere. When they shoot, the only chance to survive is to run to the basement. Everything is ready there for a rainy day, there is firewood, water, electricity, beds. It works this way: we sit - they stop shooting - we go home - they start shooting again. And we go back to the basement.

But not everyone has time to hide. Our neighbor was wounded by a fragment halfway to the basement. There was a lot of blood, even on the walls. We called an ambulance, but they told us that no one would come because they were shooting. But everything ended well. She was taken to the hospital, where she stayed for three months and was treated.

And in August 2014, seven people died at the same time under fire in our yard, one of them was my friend. After that, we had to stay in the shelter for 24 days. After that, I started having problems with my legs. I have been treating ulcers for more than a year, but I still cannot walk.

My husband and daughter died, other children fled from the war. Th only joy I have now is wedding photography. We lived with my husband for 43 years.

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