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Stories that you confided to us

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Julia Begey

"We left Yasinovataya after a massive shelling"

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Before the war, we were living in Yasinovataya, in a hostel. After a massive shelling of the city in 2014, we decided to urgently leave.

 The daughter Dasha was born without left kidney, and she underwent surgery on her right one in early childhood. Due to excessive load on the kidneys she started having problems with the vessels of the right leg, it repetitively swells. Dasha needs compression bandages, but there is no money to buy them. Since August, we have not received money, as migrants.

 She also constantly needs to drink purified water, but in our dilapidated house, where we now live, she can’t have it. There is only technical water from the well, but my daughter will not drink it. We try to buy her good water, because since birth my child has been on a diet.

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