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Stories that you confided to us

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Nina Sirenko

"I don’t even have bread"

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I live on the line of contact. Even in the summer I run to the cellar in warm jacket.  It is cold there, but I can hide from the attacks. But I can’t sit in a damp room for a long time, there is not enough air, and I have asthma, I am suffocating. 

The first hit of a shell in my yard took place in 2014. In three years, shells landed here 13 times. I still find missile tails in the house; and all my windows are blown out.

In addition to asthma, I had a heart attack and a stroke. I am a disabled person of the second group, I see poorly. I live alone, the children left Krasnogorovka. Pension is not sufficient for anything; the refrigerator is empty. And I should get enhanced nutrition, otherwise there will be repetitive fainting and illness. But I have nothing, we all became impoverished through this time. I don’t even have bread and tea.

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