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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentina Kislova

"It is very difficult for us; we have no money, nothing"

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Already for eight months, the sister does not get out of bed after suffering a heart attack and several strokes. We have been living with her for three years, after I had to flee from my village.

Before that, I lived in Pishchevik, but they shoot terribly there. In the garden, a shell fell, the whole roof was covered by the fragments. I went to sleep at my neighbor’s. And then a shell hit her house.

But in Talakivka there is no peace either. As they begin to shell, it becomes frightening. I’m hiding everywhere I can. If the house falls apart, what can I do? Nothing. Hence, the sister cannot recover, because every day from shelling to shelling, she is doing not well.

As soon as she gets the slightest stress - she falls out of bed. All our funds go for medications. It is very hard, we have no money, nothing ... But we are trying with my sister to support each other and not lose heart.

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