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Stories that you confided to us

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Nataliia Karnaushenko

"When you go outside, you may be hit"

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Children go to school to get homework. I takes them half an hour to get there. The explosions are heard from the Avdiivka industrial zone, which is just 20 kilometers away. But children no longer pay much attention to them. But when residential areas come under fire, that's a different matter. You can go out on the street - and suddenly some bullet will hit.

I'm wary of letting my children go out of the house. Viacheslav and Vika have already missed several months of school. They are definitely better at school, but I am afraid to let them go when I hear explosions nearby.

When you go outside, you may be hit

I am currently on maternity leave to take care for my one-year-old son. Before that, I worked at the Avdiivka Coke Plant. It often came under fire, and the explosion was very close when I was working my shift. A shell fell at night near the window, the glass broke. I thought that was it, the end.

But I passed all the tests and a few months later I met my second husband at work. Everything is fine now, but we want peace to come.

When you go outside, you may be hit
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