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Stories that you confided to us

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Yuri Zibarev

"You are lying, and shells are flying over your head"

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I worked at a plant. I was the secretary of the Komsomol committee of the plant in the city committee. I worked as a design engineer in the department of the chief technologist, and in the end – as the deputy director of the city water supply.

We lived in Vostochny village. Here, in Mariupol, and there in Debaltseve, there is a Vostochny village. Shells hit two houses in all Vostochny. One apartment was completely destroyed, even the entrance.

In Debaltseve, buildings were also destroyed. My brother's house was completely destroyed. They were in Cherkassy with their son. When they came from there, they saw that the house was completely destroyed.

And many houses were also damaged. And everything was exploding around. You are lying, and shells are flying over your head. What can I do? The daughter was pregnant. So, we decided to leave that apartment and move here.

We drove by bypass routes through the fields. We drove to Mariupol, not a single shot was heard. The only thing - we passed two check points.

I heard on TV that there was a Foundation that helps people like me. So, I applied and get help from them.

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