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Stories that you confided to us

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Valery Mikhalyov

"My son was caught in the crossfire"

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We live on the line of demarcation under constant fire. Our house is half destroyed.

The shelling started suddenly. My son was in the pasture. He takes care of the housekeeping, because I had a broken a cannon-bone in my right leg. My son was caught in the crossfire. He said, "When they started shooting, I fell down near the river and lay for 40 minutes while everything lasted." Bullets whistled left and right, and trees were even carved.

I then grabbed a hoe, ran into the house, took a white sheet, made a white flag and went. I shouted, "Dima! Son, where are you?"

I saw him crawling in tears. I took my son out and brought him home. Then I saw that when I ran home, I tripped over the threshold, fell and saw that my leg was broken. But this is my child, it is my duty protect him.

We don't have a hospital in our village, the nearest one is 30 kilometers away. I can't go to Bakhmut, I have to pay 300 UAH for travelling costs. So what should I do? In any case, something must be done. My son has nightmares. He screams at night, "Wait-wait-wait!" He gets up and crawls…

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