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Stories that you confided to us

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Natalya Rogozina

“The Son remembers how everything around exploded, and how everyone was frightened”

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Living in the house is harmful to health. There is fungus on the walls and ceiling - I worry that children can get sick. The owners of this house could not stand these conditions and left, but we, as a family of immigrants, have no choice.

We had to leave our homes in the frontline village of Troitskoye. We bought it shortly before the war; it's a big house for a family of five. But shells fell right in front of our house, on one side or the other. The roof was broken by fragments; there are no windows or doors in the house. 

We have nowhere to return.

The five-year-old son Yaroslav was at that time very young, but he remembers everything in detail: everyone was asleep, and everything began to explode around, how everyone was frightened ...

In addition to our own children, I still have a nephew under guardianship (my sister was deprived of parental rights), and his elder brother was taken away by his father. Ilya was supposed to go to an orphanage, but we decided to take him to our place. The boy has anemia; he needs an expensive examination. I found work at a local bakery, but I don’t get enough salary for everything.

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