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Sofia Yakovleva

Fear, panic, horror in the eyes of our children "

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I would like to share a short story about the life of my family, about the difficulties that we faced during the war in Donbass and express gratitude to Rinat Akhmetov and his Foundation, which still supports us in these difficult times.

I am a native and inhabitant of the city of Gorlovka for almost 30 years - just like my husband, my son, and my daughter. My name is Sophia. My husband Georg is a disabled person of the III group. It so happened that my youngest daughter also faced a problem of asthma.

Before all these hostilities, my daughter often suffered from bronchitis, but we coped and were sure that we would outgrow the problem and asthma would not affect us.

But everything that occurred aggravated the situation, and in 2015 we were given the diagnosis.

It is difficult when you are in another city, your child has a seizure, and the physician who knows everything about your child is far away. When a two-year-old child is suffocating in your arms! The medications are very expensive, and you can't find them everywhere, you have to preorder.

Waking up every day, everyone in our family hopes that soon everything will be finished, and we will again live peacefully, rejoice in children's laughter and such a pleasant silence!

That there will be no more terrors and that the stability with which we have lived and built our future all these years will return.

Over the period of the fighting, we have experienced more than one shelling. When they began it was very difficult. Nobody knew whether they would live until morning or not. It was like a lottery. The shell could fall anywhere, at any point in the city, without exception: at a kindergarten, school, residential building. I saw fear, panic, horror in the eyes of my children every time there was shelling.

After every such attack, the stress my daughter experienced caused an asthma attack. If we were left without electricity, I could not provide my daughter with the help she was getting through a nebulizer. The circumstances led to hospitalization.

I remember well, when a friend called and said that the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation helps with medications for children with asthma. I called the hotline - they listened to me and signed us up for help. And each time, they provide the medications for three months. For a year and a half, my daughter Milana has been helped with medications, which is important in our time and in our situation.

With great thankfulness for the help and work of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation from the Yakovlev family.

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