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Stories that you confided to us

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Olena Mishchenko

"The projectile hit the school where the child was having a training"

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I was coming home from work when the shooting began. I was on the night shift. At about nine in the morning, I saw a flash right in front of me – a 14th floor apartment building was hit.

I ran home saw that thankfully our house wasn't damaged. I asked the family if everything was all right. And when I realized that my son Kyrylo was still at school, I ran there. He was coming on his own feet from the next yard!

The projectile hit the school where the child was having a training. Kyrylo sustained shrapnel wounds in the right shoulder blade. His training started at half past eight.

 He says that when the explosions started, they ran out to the playing field, and there he sustained a shrapnel wound.

 We took him by the hand and went to hospital straight away. Having packed up, we took the 21st marshrutka and headed to the grandmother's (microraion in the Central part of Mariupol).

 After a few sessions with a psychologist, he is feeling well. It is definitely a good thing that my children didn't see all the horror – dead bodies and blood. I still can't sleep properly.

 We are planning any time soon since we are afraid of new attacks. Many of our friends are leaving the city. We are currently in the process of changing the school. Those who have the opportunity leave the microraion. Some headed to another part of the city, others went to Kyiv.

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