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Stories that you confided to us

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Artem Sotnyk

"We believe I am lucky to be still alive"

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I was injured when Kramatorsk was shelled on 10 February 2015. My winter jacket, which I was wearing then, brought me luck. Its thick lining softened the impact of the shard. If it wasn't for it, things would have been different.

That day our school was closed for quarantine. I was walking with friends on the street. We heard an explosion, but we thought it was far away from us. So we continues with our walk. And when we realised that the situation was getting very dangerous, it was too late.

We believe I am lucky to be still alive

We ran into the house, and as I ran, I felt as if a stone had hit my shoulder. Then we found out that a fragment had pierced my shoulder.

My grandfather didn't realise what happened at once. But he reassured me. He said that everything would be fine and immediately took me to the hospital. I was rendered the necessary assistance. I couldn't forget what happened for a long time. I even needed to do a special rehabilitation course.

My grandfather and I still consider it an incredible luck that I am still alive and kicking. However, sometimes I feel pain in my joints. My grandfather wants me to grow up to be a good and understanding person.

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