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Stories that you confided to us

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Serhii Batlov

"Friends heard explosions, we thought they were firecrackers"

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I used to have more friends. Everyone has moved in, and there aren't many of them now. Shooting. People are used to it. Adults sit, continue to talk, and children run away.

A shell landed very close to our house. Our windows were blown out. I was really scared, so much. All my friends were calling, almost crying. School was canceled for a few days to fix it.

After this attack, we began to be afraid. Even if they were shooting very far away, we all ran home at once.

I'm afraid for other people. Some people have private homes, they suffered. Because it's mostly just hits there. One house is almost completely destroyed, the fourth degree of destruction. Well, thank God no one was there. They went somewhere.

War means explosions. Military men are running around, shooting at each other. It's very scary. A world without war is more diverse.

Friends heard explosions, we thought they  were firecrackers

I don't even know what started it. We were sitting with friends and heard explosions. Well, we thought they were firecrackers. We didn't pay attention to it. And when the plane flew over us, then we immediately ran home.

I dream that the war would end, that people would not die, that everything would be in order.

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