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Stories that you confided to us

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Volodymyr Marchenko

"A day has passed - thank God for that"

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Residents of Tonenke suffer from heart attacks, strokes, cancer. They lose their sight and hearing. The sounds of gunshots and explosions, the type of destruction have a very negative effect on mental health.

I had two strokes in a week. My wife has had the same three times, and her doctors have literally set her on her feet. We see a dime a dozen of such victims in Tonenke.

We live the way we can. A day has passed - thank God for that. A neighbour would come out, shouting, "Neighbour! Are you alive?!" I go out and respond. That is how we communicate - through shootout.

 Now there is a chance for a better life – we have gradually started to restore the pig farm. So maybe people will have jobs.

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