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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentina Spiridonova

“After the shelling, my son could not recover for a long time”

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Our family brought up 11 children. Among them only three our own, the others are adopted. We started taking abandoned children into our family even before the war. And now, despite the difficulties and the fact that we live near the demarcation line, we continue to help disadvantaged children.

Now we have six children. My daughter at the university had a girlfriend whose mother died. The girlfriend was 17 years old, she had nowhere to live, and we took her to us. Then we took two more, then more ... Rostislav was taken from the family where his parents drank.

After terrible shelling, the eldest son Nikolai for a long period could not recover. As he was standing at the blackboard, the blast flew glass from the window beside him, and it fell where he was standing.

For seven months we did not receive any social benefits and we were literally on the verge of survival. There was a time that there was not even a potato, and there was no money to go and buy it.

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