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Stories that you confided to us

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Nataliia Mizina

"Our cellar is always open to hide quickly"

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We live 40 kilometers from the demarcation line. We moved here from Mariupol ten years ago. In 2014, we took a home loan, we just bought it-and the war began. It is unclear what will happen next.

When the shells burst very close, we hide in the cellar. We always have it open, we don't lock it, so we can hide quickly. 15-20 minutes seem like an eternity in it.

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, our village was often shelled. I almost lost a baby once. I went to the shower, and the shelling started. I was afraid that the shell was going to hit the house or explode somewhere nearby.

Now Andrii is six months old, he does not yet understand what is happening, and nine-year-old Vanya knows well what to do when the shooting starts.

I spend most of my time alone with my children. My husband Pavlo is constantly on the job. There is no stable job in the village, and it is very difficult to bring up five children. We survive due to the humanitarian aid.

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