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Stories that you confided to us

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Tetiana Subina

"I don't know where the projectile got down from or why it exploded"

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Two years have passed since my son Danylo Lukov and daughter Oleksandra were hit by a shell explosion.

Danya was four years old at that time. They were walking in the courtyard. Other children also came to play there. I don't know where the projectile got down from or why it exploded.

Then Danya said,

"I came here to play. Ihor was here too, but he exploded. I went for a walk with him."

Danylo and Oleksandra survived by a miracle, and their cousin Ihor died. And two other adults were killed: a man and a woman. Six children were injured.

Oleksandra is studying in another city and is trying to forget everything. Every day Danya has to walk past this terrible place on the way to school.

It is still very difficult for him to walk because of the injury. Some of his leg muscles have been torn out, and every step is a test. Now he is wearing orthopedic shoes. There is a chance that he will walk smoothly, without limping..

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