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Stories that you confided to us

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Tetiana and Viktor Korobko

"Even brick walls can crack from constant explosions"

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We did not leave our native village during all this time of war. It is located 500 meters from the Novotroitske checkpoint. In our village, four houses were burned down, and every one of them was damaged. It is pointless to glass the windows back. Even the brick walls crack from constant explosions.

The explosion knocked our doors. The pipes are broken, the pumping station is damaged. We have not had water in the village for two years. Now the situation has settled a little bit.

We could not harvest for several years. Everything we planted burned down. This year we have planted potatoes and pubs, and we hope that something will grow. But we have strength left for such work.

 We are retired, and our health has deteriorated drastically for the four years the war has lasted. Once they start shooting, we are so frightened. We suffer from headaches and heart attacks. We have children, grandchildren and even a great-grandson, but they are too afraid to visit us. We used to gather up in our house and have a great time.

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