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Stories that you confided to us

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Nikolay Ivanenko

"We were hiding from shelling in corners and cellars"

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Our village is completely destroyed, and everything is mined around. Pharmacy, shop, paramedic - everything has been closed since 2014.

There were 300 residents in the village, now 60 are left, mostly pensioners.

The house was destroyed by shells, there’s nothing to take in it, but I close the gate out of habit. I have been living in this house since 1970, I built it myself. Now it is good for nobody.

Slavloe often came under massive shelling. There is not a single whole building, the walls in the houses are destroyed, the fences are cut through with fragments.

My wife and I moved to our neighboring street, where our children used to live. From shelling we hid in corners and cellars. 

The wife cannot go down to the basement; her legs fail after a stroke. And it is impossible to get medications in our village, there are no pharmacies.

And it’s difficult with firewood, we used to collect it in the forest, but now it’s dangerous to go there - everything is mined.

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