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Stories that you confided to us

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Sofia Artyukhina

“Once I heard a telephone conversation ... I felt real scared that time"

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Year 2014. Endless noise from a TV.    Non-stop news about one thing. Mum was making salad and listening to every word very carefully. Without understanding the whole gravity of what was going on, I was waiting for another boring newscast in another room...   

At first, it seemed to me that this was not real.

I was not afraid, I took the situation as a war game that was played in the yard. 

Mom protected me from evil thoughts.    Once I heard a telephone conversation of my relatives — they were discussing the injuries the victims had.    I felt real scared that time. Every time I heard this, I had an unpleasant sensation in my body, as if I were suffering from that pain by myself.

My friends started to leave the city one by one. Soon enough we had to leave our home, too.

Now things settled down, but did the people's thirst for self-destruction subside?

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