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Stories that you confided to us

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Taras Zubritsky

"I withstand shelling with difficulty - my heart hurts, it's hard to breathe"

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I have been playing the button accordion since I was five years old and I’m studying at a music school. I even traveled with the group on a tour around the country. And now we can’t tour. All, who could, from left this place.

In the evening, the loud sounds of the button accordion drown the cannonade outside the window.

I withstand shelling with difficulty, my heart hurts, my blood pressure drops. It happens that the hands become numb, breathing is difficult.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. And now every four months I have to undergo an examination and take medication. Mom is troubled for me; I have to constantly limit myself in something. For example, when we play football, I can only stand at the goal. 

If I suddenly feel sick and faint, I taught my sister how to provide first aid.

Mom is constantly working, raising us and two younger children. Older sisters already live separately. 

All, that my mother earns, she spends on medications and rental housing, and food is not enough. It happens that we have nothing to buy potatoes.

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