Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Olena Ladoniuk

"The earth shakes from the shelling at night. I have to cheer up the children"

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I have to fight for the lives of my children every day. The eldest daughter has kidney disease. There are times when I have no food to feed my children. Devastation and lack of money have become a part of our lives.

11-year-old daughter Lisa loves to draw, but we can't even buy crayons in the village.

Lisa has been in the hospital for months due to kidney disease. He condition escalates several times a year. We spend thousands of UAH on medicines.

I don't have enough social benefits to buy medications. I can't go to work either – I need to be close to my sick child.

We live on the very line of demarcation. The worst thing is when the attacks start at night. We hug and lie down. I calm the children. The explosions make the ground shake. House walls begin to crack, everything starts to fall down.

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